2001 fleetwood terra


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Give us more to go on. Are you plugged in? Is any 120 working? Have you looked at the Inverter/converter for popped breakers? Any info you can give make the solution EZ er.



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We purchased a used travel trailer for a second unit to camp with our kids - We never had it hooked to a battery just to 120 and all worked both electric ( Microwave outlets , lights and refridg etc - but on our 4th outing plugged into a 120 outlet at a campground and slowly the lights got dimmer, our refrigerator stopped working ( all items that worked with both 12V and converter to 110 did not work) but anything that was Only electric still works (microwave, air-conditioner outlets) - - we checked fuses -including the converter all works fine . We thought about putting a battery in Just to check that but figured why did it work all those other times with out it ? anybody have any ideas?

C Nash

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your converter has probably quit working and killed the battery. Time to get out a VOM to chek voltage. Fuse on converter may be blown. Welcome to the forum.