2002 Explorer

[Ken Pav] We own a DB 26 with the gel finish . We pull it with a Ford Expedition and a Hensley arrow. We are considering trading the Expedition for a 2002 Explorer. The 2002 is a new machine it is wider and longer than the old Explorer. It is still smaller than the Expedition. The new Explorer has the same V8 as the Expedition. It also has a higher tow rating. Have any of your members had any experience with this vehicle as a tow vehicle. Thanks
2002 Explorer

[mark c] May i ask why would you want to tow with such a small and lite vehicle?
This doesnt make any sense to me at all i mean what you tow would weigh more then what you tow with?
Does that make any sense??
2002 Explorer

[Les Adams] Ken,

While I applaud your utilization of the Hensley hitch, with all due respect, I would have to ask the same question as Mark...

Why would you want to give up a #5345 pound, 119.1" wheelbase Expedition for a 113&#039 7" wheelbase, #4094 Explorer???

Seems to me like your going the wrong way!!! You would be better served by moving into a good 3/4 ton truck with decent wheelbase and get away from the SUV&#039s for towing altogether...

Tow ratings at best can be deceiving, and even though Ford&#039s advertising may proclaim a higher tow rating for the Explorer than the Expy, I think you have to confront reality here... There is towing and then there is TOWING!!

Neither SUV is as good a towing platform as a good solid 3/4 or 1 ton truck... If your not going to select a good 3/4 or 1 ton truck for towing and your going with another SUV, then consider the Excursion or a good 3/4 ton Suburban that has a bit more wheelbase than either of the two you propose...

Also, please consider that moving the load forward is only one aspect of towing... Overall handling and STOPPING are also part of the equation...

Best Regards,
2002 Explorer

[Kurt] I think that a Explorer with a Hensley will do just as well as a Expedition. I use a Pullrite with my Explorer Sport and it handles fabulously even in emergency maneuvers. Certainly a Excursion or a Suburban would fair better but they are in a league of their own.
As far as stopping, as long as the trailer brakes are functioning correctly, the brakes on both the Explorer and Expedition are adequate.