2005 Four winds Chey cab am/fm stereo type


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A customer of mine needs me to replace a stolen stereo from his 2005 Four Winds Chateau. It has a Chevy cab. There is what appears to be a regular chevy plug and a black box that was left loose in tha stereo opening, with a Gm part #1569408 "alarm acm seat belt lamps ignition key turn signal" I'm pretty sure there was an aftermarket radio in there before which leads me to believe that this was a door chime module. There must be some sort of T-harness for this but I'm not sure what I need. Any help would be appreciated thanks.


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Re: 2005 Four winds Chey cab am/fm stereo type

Any stereo shop can sell you and adaptor to use with almost any aftermarket stereo. It will be around 15-20 dollars depending on the stereo.