2005 georgetown se 338

whats everyone's opinion on the 05 georgetown. any good noise bad noise that i should look for in a new one? as of right now the mh already has a motor problem, the motor was sent from another dealer and blew a cylinder in travel that has been fixed but now the motor is pinging. but will be covered under warranty. whats everyone think?
2005 georgetown se 338

I worked for a rental company that had several in the fleet. They were a nightmare. The worst problem with them is that the slides are not engineered very well. The supports and rams underneath tend to bend rather easily and then you have to disconnect them to get the slide back in to get to a repair facility.

2005 georgetown se 338

well this one particular mh we've never had problems with the slides at the dealer i work at. i have seen a few come in with leak problems but that will all be taken care of. i'll have them inspect the slide as well