2005 see ya lights

We just bought a Alfa 38' triple slide from a man who didn't really know much about it. We have been unable to figure out how to get the lights in any of the slides to work, the plug-ins are working. There are push buton or slider switches on all of them and the living room slide has a switch on the wall. We have tried turning on the lights with the switch in either position, no luck. I'm wondering if there could be a fuse we haven't found or a master swich hidden some place.
Our old trailer, an Aljo had to have the slide-out plugged in before the lights or plug-ins would work but that doesn't seem to be the case here as the plug-ins do work. Any advice would be welcomed.
Thanks, Karen


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Re: 2005 see ya lights

If I am understanding you correctly, 120 volt is working (plug ins), but 12 volt is not (lights). Check the 12 volt fuses and the house batteries.
Re: 2005 see ya lights

Is this a 5th wheel or Motorhome? Motorhomes have extra fuses and relays that 5th wheels don't have. You may need to check the wiring under the slides to be sure it is still hooked together. I have seen what someones dog can do to wiring underneath slides and other parts of RVs.
Re: 2005 see ya lights

Yeah, you should have seen what Sallyberetta's lovely "poor little stray dog" did to my rear ABS wiring on my MH. That's one of those "@#$%" moments when you look down at your gauges and the ABS light is on as you're leaving for a 2 week trip! I had to build a wiring harness to replace the one that was chewed to smitherines.