2010 Roadtrek Agile SS - bathroom pull out sink

Hello everyone! First time on this forum and I hope you can help. My husband and I have a 2010 Roadtrek Agile SS - it's the one with the bathroom sink that slides back outside of the bathroom. The sink slides into a black plastic container that hangs over the bed when the bed is fully opened. Problem is that my husband sleeps on that side and there is no room for his feet. We never use that bath sink except for storage. We only use the kitchen sink. I want to remove the black plastic thing that the sink slides into and then attach a sealing panel inside the bathroom where the sink was. This would free up the space for his feet and keep him on his side of the bed!

Problem is he is very hesitant about taking it out. We would only remove it and would keep it in case we ever decide we want the bath sink. But for now it's an unused space hog. And we all know how precious space is in our class B's!

Let me know if any of you have done this or what you think of my idea.


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