2019 Coachman Crossfit --almost impossible to access sewer connection


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I just bought a 2019 Coachman Crossfit from a dealer nearby. The guy who was supposed to detail me on the van said he had never seen one. He knew so little that I finally called the front office and asked them to bring us a downloaded users manual. We both learned the functions together in 2 hours.
I asked him to show me how to dump the black and grey waters, since the grey indicated it was 1/4 full. At that point he said his time was up, he had another client and took off.
I had to try to figure this out after my first camping trip and learned the sewer connection is BEHIND the driver side fender and under neath. There is only 3 in clearance to attach the hose. One has to lay on the ground, reach underneath and feel for connections at it is not visible. Same for grey and white connectors, which you have to feel for (cannot see) and have to open by pulling horizontally, not forward.
I don't believe this the original design or there would be lots of frustrated Crossfit owners out there.
I would appreciate any input!
Thank you,