2022 XLR Boost 29QBX holding tank questions


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We are on our first big adventure with our new toyhauler. We are hooked to power & water only. We have been watching the black tanks and one went from 1/3 to full very fast.

The problem is, we have 2 black tanks (Black 1 and Black 2), but we don't know which is which. Now we are hesitant to use the full bath or half bath. The Grey water tank is still showing empty after 3 1/2 days of dishwashing. That doesn't seem right.

I am wondering if the dishwasher. drains into the rear black tank too? Our teen has been using the rear half bath, but sparingly. We have mainly used the front master bath. We have used the campground showers the whole trip, but if the kitchen sink went into the Grey tank, it should be pretty full. Instead it shows empty and the Black 2 shows full.

Does anyone know of what drains where in this model and which black tank is which? If the sink goes into the rear black tank, OK. That would explain why the Grey tank is still empty. But why would a kitchen sink drain into a black tank?

Other than this and a few minor warranty issues, we love the camper.

Thank you for any advice or information you might have.