20amp converter vs 30amp converter


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We are looking at a Coyote Sportster 22C "toy box" trailer. It comes with a 20amp converter. Our old Mallard had a 30amp converter and we never had any issues with it while camping. We would be getting the trailer with the optional 13,000btu AC, which I PRESUME will work OK with the 20amp service. A 30amp converter is not offered as an option. Am I looking at overload problems when all systems are in use? :angry:


Gary B

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20amp converter vs 30amp converter

Hi walterc2, the converter has nothing to do with air conditioner, so in that repsect won't effect that, the converter does suppy 12 VDC while you are pluged into shore power, to charge your battery, operate the interior lights, furance, monitor panel, refer control board if its an auto model, tv ant. radio, power for 12VDC power outlet etc. So if the trailer your looking at doesn't have many lights, and other 12 vdc things to operate it will problay be fine. good luck and welcome to the forum. :)