36 ft fifth wheel too long???

DL Rupper

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Re: 36 ft fifth wheel too long???

Hi all. Still in Florida. It's an old marine saying "discretion is the better part of valor". I'm discrete. :approve:
RE: 36 ft fifth wheel too long???

We pulled a 33' 5th wheel toyhauler with our 900 lb. harley in the back with our 2006 F250 Ford Diesel truck all over the southern tier of states in October. Mountains, flats, hills, curves, rain, sun, wind, etc. and never had a problem. We are looking at an 08' 36 footer and so far so good. We don't fill the tanks until we set up to save on weight issues. We also go for the lower profile coaches. You don't need 10' ceilings in these things, it just puts more wind drag and low mileage into the equation.

RE: 36 ft fifth wheel too long???

I meant to add that at no time did my husband feel he wasn't in control of the unit. We usually pull it at around 62mph for better gas mileage, but even at 65+ he had no problems. I can be a bit of a nervous nellie at times and would tell you if I didn't feel safe. Never had that feeling.