454 motor problem

I have a 1985 winnebago with 454 chevy motor. We took it on a 300 mile trip. When I started it to come home one of the spark plugs blew out.Could anyone tell me why this happened? :sleepy:

C Nash

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454 motor problem

Not installed properly, bad threads are a couple things that come to mind. Did the new plug screw all the way in and tighten up?
454 motor problem

hotrod nc
Did the spark plug itself (threaded portion) blow out or did just the porcelain section blow out?
454 motor problem

i think i would replace and /or tighten the other plugs to prevent having that problem on a trip again. I have a friend that just snugs his plugs and says it's easier to remove them and he has been lucky and haven't blown out or damaged the threads with compression leaking from a loose plug.