5th Wheel Bedroom Slide Problem


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After 8 months of fulltiming in our 2005 Champagne 37CKRD we have had our first problem occur.

Yesterday we left Camp Verde AZ to head to the Grand Canyon (140 miles), made an early start due to a forecast for Thunderstorms from
midday, all was going great along I17, saw two cars coming to overtake me, immediately after they had passed I looked back to see
if there was anyone else and to my horror, the bedroom slide was out (at the time we were doing about 60 mph just cresting the hill).

A very quick pullover to the hard shoulder, followed by the 4 way flashers and we both got out to investigate, before even going into
the rig, I was able to push the slide in by hand and pull it back out as well.

Luckily we had cell signal, so found the manual and rang tech support at Nu-Wa, spoke to RV, who said without seeing it was difficult to determine the actual problem (understandable) but that it sounded like the chain for the electric motor drive had parted,
he explained how to check for this, so it was off the phone, out electric screwdriver and out with the floor panel under the bed.

Yes, the chain was broken, not at the link but on the outer body of the chain, turns out all that's holding the slide in place is this
chain, no secondary locking mechanism or anything else.

We managed to wedge some wood and our step ladder into the space between the metal frame and hold the slide in for the rest of our

Have since spoken again to Nu-Wa and the bedroom slide motor manufacturer, they are shipping a new chain to our next destination, I asked if there had been any other reports of this problem, Nu-Wa said they had never heard of it and the manufacturer said there had been one other in the psat 12 months, but not on a Nu-Wa product.

I have posted the same message on the Nu-Wa BOF forum and Escapees Forum and have already heard from one fulltimer with a 4 month old HitchHiker II who has had the chain break on them, fortunately at the campground.

The reason for writing is to advise everyone with a Nu-Wa product, although the same motor / chain design may be common to other 5th Wheels and maybe even some Motorhomes as well?? Check yours out, make sure it all looks OK.

Had we been on a two lane road I hate to think what might have happened, a Semi coming the other way would certainly have destroyed
the rig, and maybe even taken out the driver as well.

If anyone has ever heard of this happening before, I would love to hear from you, still not sure whether to take this any further,
maybe if theres enough history out there, it might need a product recall.

This would not be to knock Nu-Wa, as we have been more than happy with the rig, and as said upfront, this is the first problem of any
kind we have had in 8 months fulltiming and 8500 miles of towing.

Thinking ourselves very fortunate.

Kevin & Hazel