5th wheel hitch

Hello - my husband and I are buying our first 5th wheel. We have had a Class A motorhome for the last 10 years but now want a toybox. We are mostly looking at (used) 30-35 foot Weekend Warriors and Alfas. We have no idea what type of hitch to get. We have a 1999 Ford F350 Diesel Powerstroke (we plan on getting a chip installed). Any suggestions on the hitch or the chip? Thanks so much!

Gary B

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5th wheel hitch

Hi Karen, this is my preferance, but I really like the RBW 5th wheel hitch, they make three models the little rocker(4 way tilt), the UHS-88-15-S 4 way, and the UHS-88-15 2 way, I had the latter towed with it for seven years would buy another, another brand id the Hijacker made in Canada www.hijacker.com another is Bolt hitch at www.bolthitch.com a very simple easy do it your self installation for Fords, they told me they used the Hidden hitch 5er also another company. Don't know a thing about chips. Good luck. :) :cool: :approve:
PS I don't like the Reese hitchs and would never buy one but thats me.


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5th wheel hitch

I don't have a diesel, but some who do brag about something they refer to as a 'juice box'...

As for a 5th wheel hitch, there are many good choices out there. I have the Reese 16K, which is adequate. If I had to do it again, I'd look into the PullRite, which allegedly is fitted to the King Pin and the truck more precisely, and can be mounted so that the entire hitch comes out of the bed, without leaving rails behind.

If your truck is a short bed, there is potential for problems with the trailer hitting the truck during turns. PullRite SuperSlide may be the most convieniant solution, at a fairly high cost. Most other hitches can be had with a manual sliding feature, to allow the trailer to be further from the truck during sharp turns.