5th-Wheel Length -- State and National Park CGs

We need advice on the length of a new 5th-Wheel. We will be replacing our 5th-Wheel and getting one with slides. However, we don’t want one that is too long to easily use in National and State Park campgrounds. Two summers ago while visiting Yellowstone, Glacier, Crater Lake, Custer State Park, and many other public campgrounds (during July and August) we had some difficulty with our 1999 27-foot Sunnybrook.. However, in the future we will be retired and will do most of our camping Sept–June so more sites should be available and that may lessen problems with length to some degree. But, we're concerned about going too long. All advice will be appreciated. “Retiring-Soon@hotmail.com”


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5th-Wheel Length -- State and National Park CGs

Once you get an RV of 30' or more you will start to find some restrictions. But the whole thing is a trade off. We are fulltimers who spend a lot of time in such parks and we find that our 35' motorhome will fit into most of the places we go, but not all. And we do not have slides. But at the same time, you do need to have enough room to be comfortable as this will be your home.
5th-Wheel Length -- State and National Park CGs

Parks, both state and national in Washington have limit restrictions in certain portions of the park. ie Deception Pass state park will only allow 25 foot in one section, I almost found out the hard way when a 200 foot fir tree jumped in the path of our then 20 foot 5er.
Most of the places we go I try to check out limits on the web before going, it has helped in setting the route a great deal. Best to you in the full timing, have to wait another 1.5 years.