5'th wheel or Gooseneck, I like 2 have both.

Here is a thanks, for my earlier question on NEED TOWING INPUT. I traded vehicles now to chevy 2500 hd. Now I know I got enough truck, my question now is. I would like to have a gooseneck ball plus a 5'th wheel insert. Would this be adviseable? I know b&w hitches has a 5'th wheel insert. Would this be a way to go or should I just stick to one or the other? Also any help on hitches would be greatly appreciated..

No camper yet just trying to decide on a hitch, in case we decide on something other than a TT.

I seen the thing that converts 5'th to a Ball, how well do these hold up?

Re: 5'th wheel or Gooseneck, I like 2 have both.

Hello again Sticwlkr, Congrats on your new truck.

You did not say if your truck is a long bed or short bed. With a short bed, you really need a slider fifth wheel hitch. When you have the hitch mounted, there is about 36-38" from the kingpin to the cab back. Half of the fifth wheel will be 48" from center to side. At some point they will hit. That is where the sliding hitch comes into play. When you need to, you can slide it back and increase clearance.

Now to your question. I have lots of customers who need both a gooseneck and fifth wheel. Most of them will use the Reese or Drawtite brand that we sell. With that you have the rails that the fifth wheel rest in and they also make "The Goose" that attach in the rails also. The B&W Hitch is a great hitch, but it will cost you more money. The HUGE advantage is that you don't have the rails. Your bed is basicly clean. The ball will flip over and store hidden away. The fifth wheel "Companion" hitch goes in the same socket the ball uses and there are settings for short bed trucks.

Both will work, have each quoted and decide on what you like best.
Re: 5'th wheel or Gooseneck, I like 2 have both.

Thanks I think i goofed again, the truck is a short bed, and i really want to keep a clean bed.. Since you said i really need a slider i don't guest the b & w hitch companion will work then ..Or do you think i will still have enough turning radious, If i watch.. I havn't bought a camper yet ..Stil looking at the moment..don't know if it will be a TT, or a 5th..

I was just wandering if there is any other hitches out there that can be removed to keep a clean bed ..Somebody had told me about 1 that there is like 4 holes in the bed,and it mounted to the hitch part under the bed ..
Any ideal what they was talking about? It suposally had inter changeable ball and 5th
Re: 5'th wheel or Gooseneck, I like 2 have both.

Hello again,
The B&W Companion will adapt to the short bed. It does not slide, but the 2 pivot arms that hold the 5th wheel plate have several positions to set in. You angle the arms to the rear for a short bed. It is not as good as a slider, but it will work.

The hitch you were told about was probably the Reese or Drawtite "Signature". With them, the brackets are under the bed and you have 4 "pucks" that come thru to attach the hitch part. There is a slider version for the short bed. That is the hitch I have in one of my trucks, just not the slider.

When you get a trailer, make sure you get an extended pin box.