5th wheel roof

I have a 24ft fifth wheel and part of the roof is going to have to be replaced, even the plywood. Any advice how to go about it and what to use to put back?


C Nash

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Re: 5th wheel roof

Welcome to the forum Dale. What type roof do you have? You will have to remobe everything from the top AC, Antenna, vents and such. Remove side top mlds. Probably have to work from sides when possible or lay a good piece of plywood on top where working. You will probably find more damage than you think when you get into it. Need a inside area for this. Rubber roof will probably be easiest to go back with. I would replace the entire roof. Good luck
Re: 5th wheel roof

I am sure i will run into more then it looks like is there but with time and patients i think it can be done. Ive seen the rubber roof on the net but not seen anything on pricing for the Aluminum.