5th wheel storage skirting

We are putting up skirtig the goes around the front end of our rig. It comes with the metal snaps that screw into the body of the unit. My question is don't these screws actually have to grab hold of something so they don't pull out, like a stud or something? Does anyone have any experience installing one of these?


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5th wheel storage skirting

Yes, they need to screw into something, however the spacing is probably determined by the skirting. Perhaps there is a 'base-plate' around the bottom of the wall which will serve. Does the instructions say anything about this?

I haven't installed this, but I did install some screw snaps onto something else, and I put a dab of silicone sealant over each hole before screwing in the snaps. I don't know if those screw holes will leak, and am not eager to find out...
5th wheel storage skirting

Thanks for the reply. Silicone is a great idea. I'm still trying to figure out how to find some kind of framing to screw into. The skin of the rig is about 1/8" which cannot be enough to support the weight of the skirt alone or in wind, etc.