5th wheel towing


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I am picking up our new 09 Mountaineer 345 DBQ 5er next week, and just have a quick question for all the experts out there. The overall length is 36 ft. Our old TT was 28 ft., and I had no problem pulling into the driveway with it. I have been told by the salesmen that the 36ft. 5er will turn like a 28 ft. TT. I dont want to take any chances on the apron being too small at the road, and the new camper falling off the side of the drive. So, the question is, will a 36ft 5er turn on approx. the same radius as a 28 ft. TT? I have already increased the size of the apron, but I am still questioning in my mind whether it is big enough. I am pulling with a 08 Chevy 3500 HD DRW so overall length of the truck has increased as well. I am probably overthinking it, but better safe than sorry!!!

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Re: 5th wheel towing

Sorry, but I disagree with your salesman. Overall a 5th wheel will tow better than a Travel Trailer, but the turning radius will be different.

Your 28' trailer was attached at the back of the truck and the front of the trailer followed the truck as it went left to right. A fifth wheel is attached in the bed of the truck and left to right movement does not effect the trailer as much. Because of the difference in hook up, you will have more "Off Track" with the fifth wheel. I know you have seen what happens with a tractor trailer when it turns.

I don't mean to scare you, my personal trailer is a 37' fifth wheel and I take it anywhere I want to go. After you drive this new trailer a little while, you will get used to it and enjoy towing it.