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:question: we are planning on retiring this year and are interested in a 5th wheel, so far the cardinal and the montana look like real winners for the money. can any body give us any advice on these? by the way, we are looking to travel from mo to alaska.

C Nash

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Both are pretty good for the dollar spent IMO. Neither is the top of the line are bottom but somewhere in between. Probably would go with the dealer with the best service department if buying local. Check out the Sunnybrook line but they may cost more than the ones mentioned. Pick the one with the floorplan that suits you best. Check for storage and CCC. What will you be towing with? What size are you looking at? Don't look to travel to Alaska DO IT. A trip you will never forget but take your time and allow a lot of time. lot to see between here and Alaska. Roads to Alaska are not near as bad as some might lead you to believe. Allow at least 4 weeks in Alaska. It is huge although there are not that many roads.