6 Month Trip: Rent or Buy & Other Expenses?

Hi folks,
I saw in the forum that this has come up before, but I hope that I could get more information . . .

We are looking to go on a six month trip across the country next year from May to November, beginning in the Northeast and coming south along the east coast, then along the gulf coast, west to southern California, then up along the west coast to Seattle. From there either come back the same way or shoot straight back to VA. Two adults, two children and two dogs will be part of this little venture. We will periodically be staying at various locations along the way, several 2-3 day stops, a couple of two week stops.

Planning for this is all very preliminary at ths point, but before we can get into detailed planning, I'd like to get an idea of whether I should focus on leasing or buying. Looking at various rental sites, I have seen that RV rentals can range anywhere from $1300 to $5000 a month! Whereas I've seen buying RVs and making $230 to $460 a month. Are there no lease programs for RVs out there like there are for autos?

Ultimately, I will also have to determine other costs, but I want to make sure that I am not missing anything. What should I add to the below list:

- fuel
- camp/hookup fees
- maintanence
- insurance
- internet (satelite, wi-fi?)
- Road-side assistance (not sure how this works for RVs)

I have several months to plan this out and hopefully I can come up with a budget that's realistic but manageable. I know this covers a lot of ground, but hoping for a few pointers to keep in mind while I gather the information. Many thanks, Dan.
6 Month Trip: Rent or Buy & Other Expenses?

Okay! I've been through the other forums and now realize that this topic is old hat, especially to the full-timers! I won't delete this topic, though, just in case anyone has something new to add.

DL Rupper

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6 Month Trip: Rent or Buy & Other Expenses?

I would buy a used RV (2/3 years old) and use it for 6 mos and then sell it. The big drop in depreciation should be over in the first 2 years and you shouldn't lose too much keeping it 6 mos :approve: . Should beat the high cost of renting :clown: .
6 Month Trip: Rent or Buy & Other Expenses?

I agree with DL, buy and take your 6 month trip and then sell. I'm betting if all goes well you will not be selling.
6 Month Trip: Rent or Buy & Other Expenses?

After spending more time looking into it, seems you are right: buy used, then sell when done. Hopefully, difference will be less than rental charges.

Not so sure about keeping it, though. We will sell our house before the trip, then buy a new one after the trip. Part of this trip is spending time as a family, trying to figure out where we'd like to 'settle' down. We figured best way would be to check out places in person for ourselves. Afterwards, though, don't think I could afford RV payments and house payments at same time. But will make that decision when I get to it. Appreciate your input, thanks!
6 Month Trip: Rent or Buy & Other Expenses?

I never thought I would say this but if I was looking for a new place to live I would make sure its in a warm climate. I used to like winters but as I got older I hate them. If I could afford it I would be spending my winters in Texas or Arizona and the summers back here in West Virginia. The little lady still works and has a good job or I would consider selling and moving where its warm all year. I would rule out Florida because of all the hurricanes. This is just my opinion and my opinion only. I know there are a lot of people will disagree with me but living in the USA I am allowed to say what I want. :)
Dan, did you ever consider renting your home instead of selling it while you were out looking? You may find out where you live now is best after all ?
6 Month Trip: Rent or Buy & Other Expenses?

Hi Turnip42 and dwdukes...Its funny how the weather effects different people as they get older, 18mths ago my husband and I moved from Sydney (Australia) to our most southern state Tasmania,as I was feeling the heat and humidity more the older I got. Where we are living now has one of the most temperate climates in the world, mild summers and winters PERFECT>>>. Dan good luck with your trip, we are coming to the US next year to travel around in an RV for 6mths. We are trying to figure which one to get, there are just too many choices and when you know nothing about RV's it is all a bit scarey trying to make the right decision, a wrong decision could be an expensive one.. We intend to take DL Ruppers advice and buy a C class a couple of years old but there are only 2 of us so a C class appears to fit our needs, again good luck with the big move and I hope your trip is an exciting adventure. Best wishes from Down Under Sue.. :laugh:
6 Month Trip: Rent or Buy & Other Expenses?

My hubby had a retirement and kept telling me to stop working so we could live the winters in a warmer climate. So finally one day as I was sitting at work on a beautiful day and winter was soon approaching I thought, "What the heck am I doing? I'm not getting any younger and darn it, I want to do other things besides sit here for another twelve years to retirement!" So, I quit. Sure, the pursestrings are tighter but, we're free! We love the fact that we can pick and go whenever we want.


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6 Month Trip: Rent or Buy & Other Expenses?

As for road-side assistance, Good Sam's plan seems to be one of the better ones. You can get it for as little as 69.95 for 1 year (per sign in Camping World store)