77 dodge brogham electrical problems


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first post - sorry if it is in the wrong spot

i have a 77 dodge rv - model mbh 400 on the title - i'm ahving some trubles with it electrically - we jsut bought it and it seems like everything is shorting out - we drove it three hours home and earlier today when i was trying to back it up to work on it it lost power completely and cut off

there is a long list so far but it seems to have started with a short in the tail light cabling and moved up from there

about 2/3 of the way in our three hour drive the headlights and running lights went out and both fusable links were gone - i replaced them but then only the lights on the left side came on and when on the right turn signal lamp on the dash is dim but on

my most major question is this - if i do some shady wiring can i get it started to get it to a shop to have it looked at - it has a lot of wiring so i'm not terribly sure i could isolate the alt - charge controll - ignition controll - and bat (fuel pump if electric) and start it because i don't know what else electrically is absolutely required for a quick and dirty fix - i plan on only connecting those and unhooking the positive from the rest because of this nasty short going on, so if there's anything else that would keep it from running at all or damage by not connecting it i need to know now

i've done a lot of googleing this morning and it seems like that combo will at least get it started if nothing else to get it moved around - but i wanted to double check to be positive

i planned on starting it straight from the starter if you're wondering why i left parts out...

it is tempting to just wire it that way and get blinkers and tail lights going if that works and is all i need to do - id rather it work and i know how to fix it than it break down again - but this time half way to nowhere - and still be having problems

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Wish I could help but this is the kind of problem you have to be there. VOM and start tracing. Good luck and hope you let us know what you find