84 Pace Arrow with fuel starting problems.

The engine turns over fine, but won't start after sitting for long periods. I hear the electric fuel pump whaling away; however it takes too long to prime the fuel line and carb. I suspect that the carb fuel might be bleeding into the engine and the electric pump doesn't have enough volume or pressure to get things going. It starts fine once I spray ether (quick start) into the carb and subsequent starts work until the RV sits for a while. I've replaced the mech fuel pump, electric pump, and all filters. Has anybody experience or seen this condition?

Chevy 454
GMC P30 Chassis



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84 Pace Arrow with fuel starting problems.

Did you replace the in-line gas filter, also? One in Carb and one in-line, I think. I have Winn Chevy 454 engine and the in-line was nearly plugged. Engine was starved for gas.
84 Pace Arrow with fuel starting problems.

Thanks for your reply Archer. I have three filters (carb, in-line, and one close to the gas tank)and each was replaced.