85 jamboree toilet/raised floor

I own a 26' Fleetwood Jamboree, we are very pleased with the quality of construction in this MH. The one major complaint that we have is the bathroom. The floor is raised about six inches where the toilet sits (A literal throne) and this is very difficult to use especially for short people or children. I would really like to understand the logic behind this BUT more importantly would like to know if anyone out there is familiar with removal/modifications of this platform. I have searched many forums and found nothing. :question:

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85 jamboree toilet/raised floor

Hi penvaldean, welcome to the forum, I don't know about removal of the floor assy, your best bet would be to call Fleetwood and talk with their service dept, they could tell you if its possible to do what you want to do. Also another option maybe to replace the toilet with a low profile unit, the Thetford Aqua-Magic IV is available in 12 3/8 high(low one) and the Aqua-Magic Galaxy model is 11 1/4" high / low model the Starlite is also 11 1/4". Hope this helps. :) :cool: :bleh:
85 jamboree toilet/raised floor

Thanx for your replies. I just went for it and pulled everything out, got rid of the carpet, installed new plywood on floor, had a plumber friend help me out with fittings(two curb 45's), lowered the pedestal 4 in. eliminated the carpet and installed some lenoleum tiles, this way I could silicone next to the shower. I did find that the reason for this is because in this motorhome the bathroom is directly over the wheel well and very close to the holding tank which allows no room to set the toilet directly onto the floor.

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