90 day max stay in Hitchcock Texas!!!!


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I read about this back in December and it really pissed me off. I lived in my 5er for 2 1/2 years. 13 months in 1 place. But in Hitchcock Texas you can only stay 90 days!!!!!!!!!!!! I got news for this dumbass city! Most full timers rigs cost more that most houses in that town!!


Judge tosses RV lawsuit against city

By Ted Streuli
The Daily News

Published April 17, 2002

HITCHCOCK — When Hitchcock revised an ordinance that regulates recreational vehicle parks in March 2001, Gene Jones was furious. Jones filed a lawsuit challenging the ordinance.

But state District Court Judge Susan Criss dismissed the complaint last week, eight days before the trial was to begin.

Jones, who bought Gulf Holiday RV Park in 1998, said the new ordinance was intended to put him out of business, along with the other RV parks in the city. One of the other owners, Charles Freeman, joined Jones as a plaintiff in the lawsuit last year. They expected to argue their case today, but the judge’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit left the two businessmen with few options.

Jones took issue with an ordinance revision that shortened the maximum time a person could reside in an RV from 180 days to 90 days. Although that was the key point of contention, Jones also argued that parts of the ordinance requiring a six-foot fence and allowing police to check guest records at any time were unconstitutional.

“The ordinance is a veiled attempt to put all RV parks in Hitchcock out of business,” Jones said in an affidavit. “It is unlikely that winter Texans from the northern states or transient refinery workers will park their RVs in Hitchcock if they know they must move so soon.”

The city not only argued that the amendments were legal, it argued that Jones and Freeman had so little evidence the case didn’t even warrant a trial.

“The city of Hitchcock’s ordinances regulating recreational vehicles used for occupancy are valid,” said the city’s attorneys in their motion for summary judgement. “The city’s owner registration requirement, the occupancy limitations and the perimeter barrier requirement are all reasonable regulatory devices that a city might use to address public concerns regarding the occupancy of recreational vehicles and travel trailers as residences in the city.”
Criss agreed, and dismissed the case on April 9.


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90 day max stay in Hitchcock Texas!!!!

Are they going to appeal? or re-file their lawsuit? did they actually attend the pre-trial hearing? didn't they object?

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90 day max stay in Hitchcock Texas!!!!

What does the camp ground look like. Have seen camp grounds that look pretty trashy after some have stayed for long periods. Just a though

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