A/C problems


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I have a Duo Therm Brisk Air that has worked great for about a year. Turned on the unit this weekend, and after one or two minutes the compressor shut off (fan still running) although the air temp. was about 90 and the thermostat was set on 70. After another minute or so the compressor kicked back on, then off, then on, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help is appreciated.

Ed H.

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A/C problems

It sounds like the compressor might be tripping its overload protection. This could mean a few different things.
1. is it plugged in to a heavy enough circuit?/ is the voltage within 10% of 125?
2. are the air filter, evaporator & condensor coils clean?
3.* the thermostat may be faulty and "short-cycling."
4.* the starting circuit on the compressor may have one (or more) faulty component.
5* the compressor may be on the way out.
On a hot day the available voltage often runs a little low. If you are using an extension cord (even a 30A rated one), it can compound the problem. Also dirty filters/ coils contribute to the majority of A/C problems. The possibilities I marked with * need special skills to check out, the others are do-it-yourself items.
If the unit is only a year old, it should be under warranty so you might not even have to pay (check the paperwork before taking it in so you know what to expect).
Good luck
with it.Ed