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hertig - 9/27/2006 10:46 PM Texas, ... I thought each leg could provide 50 amps, not 25 amps. That is what the breaker implies, since in 220 volt mode it would seem there is 50 amps out and 50 amps in. ....
hertig, you are absolutely right! All the current from both 120volt legs has to pass through the neutral wire. I misspoked about the 25amp. I meant 50amp. I was blinded by the sun reflecting off of the mountain stream I was sitting at in my recliner in Maggie Valley North Carolina!


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ok here we go again,,,
I installed a new 50 amp breaker unit (12 and 120)
I used the exiting 120 feed to power the old 30 amp (original breaker)
I ran another 120 feed to another 30 amp breaker (new breaker,, per new box)
That breaker is wired (new wiring) to rear A/C...
That means 1 (3) wire romex to 1 breaker ,,(load , nuetral and ground)
A second romex cable pulled (3) wire romex (load, nuetral and ground)
The wiring works fine and as u see i'm pulling 120 off one breaker and pulling another 120 off the other breaker (for the rear a/c) using (2) load wires (2) nuetrals and (2 grounds)
The system works great ,, nor probs ,, can run both a/c units and no more brouwnout power when the a/c units kick on....
As for the appliances they still be on 120 (still on the original 30 amp breaker)
The genset is still 30 amp (not gonna change that)
I see it as this if he has to go back to 30 amp .. then all tha original stuff (that worked on 30 amp before) Will still operate as orginal form the factory...
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RV 50amp service is two legs or 120 volt , one neutral and one ground. The two hots are usually a 30amp and a 20amp. To run both a/c units at the same time you must install 1 new 15 or 20 amp breaker to wire the second a/c unit to. Run the wire to the old front/rear a/c switch, install a junction box in place of the switch and hook up the a/c units one to the original pwoer wire and one to the new youjust ran. You may have to fish the wire through the cabinetry instead of the walls. Make sure the 50 amp service has been installed correctly in your rig. The main breaker should be a double breaker with a solid bar between the two and the box should have altenating hot bars for each breaker.


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That is what i have done ,, i ran a new wire (3 wire romex) to the ohter breaker
the unit works fine and also i can power both a/c units at the same time...
I won't worry about the 30 amp thingy since the fact that if he has to use a 30 amp plug in then it will be like when the coach was built...
Thanks for all the input from all of u guy's



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s harrington, actually, I believe that both hots are actually 50 amps each for 100 amps total into the RV (see post above). Although I do have a box which I can plug into a 30 amp and a 20 amp, and power both legs of the 50 amp shore cord. The one time I could have used it, it did not work (the 2 legs need to be opposite phase or my power control center gets upset).
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Hertig, depends on who wired the park. Most parks today use two 50's but some of the older ones used a 30 and a 20 to give 50 amps total. Saved them money.