A&E awning tension


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Re: A&E awning tension


My awning is 15' (A&E Sunchaser) and I turned it 12 times. It works well now. I can hear something rattling around in the front spring area of the roller tube, but it does not seem to affect the operation (yet).


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Re: A&E awning tension

12 turns on a 15' is about right and glad you backed off a little. As long as it is working, I would not tear into the tube to find your rattle. Sounds like a broken spring, but you say it is working, so I wonder.

And, the above link does not work for me!!


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Re: A&E awning tension

I went to Kirk's name and went from there, Had to ask daddy how to find it also, nice to have someone that has been there before me,

love to all


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this was helpful for me also, however i have one other issue. I had to replace my whole awning due to storm damage, and the front most screw will not tighten for the top arm bracket any fixes for this?