A little help please

I am new to RV world. I have a 98 Dolphin and trying to do a few small repairs. First the generator will not run. I finally found the manual for the generator and info that I needed for it. But I can not find any information on the RV. I would like to know where the battery for the Generator is located? Where can I find any plumbing schematics or wiring. Any info on manuals or if you know first hand I would appreciate.

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The generator battery should be the same as house batterys. Then the coach battery would be differant. Good Luck


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You should have one battery to serve the chassis and probably two for the coach. The genset is started by the coach batteries. Not sure where they would be on your RV, but there should be an owner out there who can tell you. If not, try posting this question on either the Escapees forums or on RV-Net forums. There are bound to be owners there.

On the manuals, it would not hurt to try the manufacturer, but for an RV that is nearing ten years old, they may not be available. Some owner might make copies of theirs for you.


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My diesel genset on my Tiffin is powered by the chassis battery ,, that way if u run the house batteries down u can fire up the genset and recharge them ,, if u'r boon docking that is :)