A possible problem with an Atwood water heater


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I had an interesting problem with my Atwood water heater recently which could help other owners. It started with once in a week or two I would get up in the morning and find the light for the water heater on, indicating that it had failed to light. I found first that it seemed to be flashing back to burn at the air shutter and so I thought that was what was the cause. I adjusted the air shutter to where that never happened, and sure enough a week or so later, the light again. Like always, if I turned it off and then back on, it would work fine. Because I had seen an igniter fail in the past and they don't cost much, I replaced that next, taking great care to clean the electrical connection well. Again, it worked just long enough that I thought I had found the problem, and then once more the light was on. I next cleaned all electrical connections, put in a new thermostat/ECO assembly and the very same thing. Finally I broke down and replaced the circuit board. I used one from Dinosaur and it requires some modification to install since it uses four mounting screws while the Atwood has only two, and it is a wider board than the original.

At long last the thing has been working for more than a month now and not one failure. One thing to know about the Dinosaur boards. Also they operate somewhat differently than those from Atwood. They have a built-in delay of about 30 seconds the first time they light after being turned off. That is there to allow for the venting of any air that may be in the propane line. After the first time it delays only about 10 seconds or so. That is actually a better way than the OEM part, but it does take some getting used to if you are watching it operate. The other important things are that an Atwood board would have cost me $190, while the Dinosaur broad was only $90. In spite of this the Atwood board has a 1 year warranty and Dinosaur has three years.


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RE: A possible problem with an Atwood water heater

Kirk thanks for the info I just wanted to pass this on to those who are new here and have these problems.
Atwood or Suburban furnaces or hotwater heater pc boards can be checked for fault with a board tester by an authorized Atwood or Suburban Service center.
Normally if your furnace works and spontaeously stops here and their its almost always the pc board.
If you find fault in one of these furnaces on the road while traveling and the unit is still under warranty do not replace the pc board with a dinosaur board and expect the Manuf. to reemburse you for the part, they wont reemburse you for a dinosaur board. period. only their own parts.
I know this stinks when your traveling and replace the board but iv tried many times and they wont do it, out $220.00 but i have an extra pc board.