ABS light on dash??

I just got my DP a month ago (2000 Holiday Rambler Ambassador, 260 Cummings)and today for the first time since picking it up, took a ride for about 20 miles or so. When I first started, I noticed that the ABS light was on and continued to do so for my short trip. My question is "What can I do to correct this or does it stay on all the time." This is my first experience with deisel and don't won't to mess up at this point. Any info about this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

C Nash

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ABS light on dash??

the ABS light should go off after several seconds. Not sure about the diesel but on gas this is a warning that the braking system has a fault in one of the automatic braking system components. you will still have braking just no ABS. Some are also hooked up with the emergency brake warning light. probably a wheel sensor or loose wire. take it back to the chassis dealer as it is under warrenty
ABS light on dash??

We have a Toyota Sequoia that pulls our TT. We had the same problem and it took Toyota a couple of times using the computer to find the problem. They replaced some part that was too sensitive (please excuse my not knowing WHAT). That worked for a couple of days, then the lights came on again. Next they had to recalibrate the steering...must have needed to do that when changing out that other part.
Take back to dealer. Their problem to fix for you.
Good Luck.