adapters and weight distributing hitch


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I have a small pop-up and a Subaru Outback. The only hitches sold for the Outback are Class II, 1 1/4 inch hitches, which is fine for my small pop-up. But when I tow, the rear sets real low. So I got a weight distributing hitch. But the weight distributing hitch is 2 inches. So I got a 1 1/4 inch to 2 inch adapter. But on the adapter it says to not use it with a weight distribution hitch??? Why not and what can I do???
Thank you for your help.


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adapters and weight distributing hitch

Hi Brian,
I would not use that adapter with a WD hitch. The class II receiver you have on your vehicle is not designed to be used with weight distribution. That adapter is used for carrying bikes or other type racks that plug into a 2 in receiver. When used with a WD hitch, it would most likely put way too much stress on the receiver or it's mounting points on your truck. Probably the best you could do to raise your rear end would be to put air shocks or some type of air lift on there. I would return the WD hitch for a refund as I do not think it can be used on your vehicle. You should probably check with the manufacture of your vehicle and/or the hitch manufacturer to make sure however. I have been known to be wrong in the past - on occasion! :laugh:
Good luck.