addable screen rooms


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Has anyone tried the add on screen rooms? It says it doesn't connect to the awning. I was hoping to be able to eat outside and not be attacked by flys and bugs. Are they more trouble than they are worth? Our camper tends to pile up with grandkids, sons and daughters. To put a few outside feeling safe would be worth a lot.
Thanks, Fran


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RE: addable screen rooms

At the Casa Del Valle RV Resort in Alamo, Texas a couple had one of those screen rooms and it looked like it did attach to the awning. We asked them how they liked it and was it a problem in the high winds (the RGV always has winds 20-25 mph, with gusts up to 35 at times). They said they had it up when the winds got up to 40 with no problem. They really liked it. But, isn't there a difference in the 'add on room' and the 'screen room'? I believe the screen room is not as expensive as the add on room. :question: