Advice on Travel Trailer

We are looking to buy a Travel Trailer and looked at Sprigdale and Suunybrook. There is a price difference but they both look good. Any advice?
Advice on Travel Trailer

My wife and I looked at a Springdale 266rell last year at the local camper show and liked it alot. After almost a year of research we decided to purchase a used Sunnybrook 26CKS which is about 3 feet shorter than the Springdale we looked at. There seems to be a large number of complaints about the slides leaking on the Springdale trailers. Also I liked the fact that the Sunnybrook's were aluminum framed as opposed to wood. Check out they have a great forum with some very knowledgable people.

C Nash

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Advice on Travel Trailer

Ben, The Sunnybrook is a caged Alum construction which is better (IMO)I would consider the Sunnybrook a notch above the Springdale but that is (JMHO)