Advise on Skyline trailers


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Looking for information, good and bad on Skyline brand trailers. They are marketed under the names Nomad, Layton, and Aljo. I'm looking into purchasing a new trailer and this brand has sparked my interest. This will be my first purchase of a travel trailer. Looking at the new for 2001 and 2002 model 299 or the 310. Again I would like some input both good and bad from anyone.

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Advise on Skyline trailers


We purchased a 1999 Nomad Model 2700 (front kitchen) about 3 years ago...

The unit has been basically trouble free since purchase... We did have one small problem with the front aluminum skin seperating from the frame work, but it was an easy fix and cheerfully fixed by my dealer... My dealer said it was due to the staples being driven in to the framing too far and almost going right through the aluminum skin...

The Nomad, Layton, and Aljo floor plans are identical and the only difference is the interior color schemes... At least that's how it was back in "99" when we bought ours...

Skyline has been in business for over 50 years and it's trailers bare the UL sticker indicating at least some type of quality inspection... They are also put into a "rain bath" to check for water leaks before leaving the factory...

You can buy a more expensive trailer but I believe that you get "a lot of bang for the buck" with the Skylines... If I were in the market for another TT, Skyline would certainly be one that I look at and I would not hesitate to purchase another...

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Advise on Skyline trailers

I don't like to be negative but we have had a Skyline built triler for almost 6 years and of course I know there are lemons with all brands but this one has given trouble since the first trip out...
The dealer who sold it to us assured us that they had done a complete test on all aspects of the trailer before we took delivery and low and behold the first trip out( 300 miles from home) the plumbing came loose from the hot water heater...We had a big mess and worked on the plumbing all weekend. From there we have had nothing but things go wrong.Again I hold the dealer responsible for a lot of it but that did not help to get the trailer fixed. I hope your experience will be better than ours if you should decide to go with Skyline. We are looking at a Jayco right now and have heard a lot of good as to dealers and product. Hopefully we will love it. Still love to camp and enjoy going.

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Advise on Skyline trailers

You are not being negative, just honest. In the 70's, when I was working on chevs, you did not buy a chev that was made on Friday or Monday!! We could look at the serial number and tell what day they were made and the Monday and friday cars did give more problems. Union protected workers wanting to leave on fri and hangover on mon. Qulaty control was zero. So yes they all make lemons and we need to be informed about them. Thanks

Chelse L. Nash


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Advise on Skyline trailers

I own a 1995 30ft Nomad Skyline and have the best luck with this RV. My wife and I have enjoyed this RV since we bought it. The only thing that concerns me is that there are not too many dealers here in Lower Michigan that continue to sell these RV's. The company I bought it from sold out and carry the Wilderness brand.

The trailer has been virtually troublefree and as long as the general maintenance is kept up which I do like religion the RV will continue to house and comfort you on your endeavors of traveling and camping.