Aerolite Rotting Flooring


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Today we brought our trailer home to get it ready for a new camping seasons. When we got into it and walked on the carpeting in the front of the camper, the floor was very weak and I thought we could have fallen through. We looked underneath it and found that the floor was rotting out. There were similar rotting marks underneath in the rear of the camper.

We purchased it new in '98 from Raper RV. It is a 826 BHD Aerolite Travel Trailer.

Has anybody experienced this issue before and can offer some advice?


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Aerolite Rotting Flooring

Yes on my slide and a storage compartment. The storage area was small enough that I fixed it myself and also found the leak. On the slide out,I took it back to the dealer, it was a major job and the slide had to be removed from the camper to replace the entire floor in the slide. The gasket had failed. It cost me $500 and my insurance pick up the rest of the bill. Good luck. Also I had no trouble at all dealling with the insurance company