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I have a 1995 damon ultrasport class a mh with 2 ac and 30 amp service. both ac will run with the gen but only one at a time when hook to shore power. there are 2 .switchs on the wall that control the power to the ac they both must .be up to run both ac with the gen and to run the rear ac when using shore power. they must be down to run the front ac on shore power Is there way to hook up a 20 amp cord to run the back ac from shore power by it self. I would like to run both ac at the same time with shore power .when parked and with the gen when traveling


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The safest way to do what you want is to have a certified electrician upgrade your service from 30 amp to 50 amp and install a new distribution panel to run both AC's. JMO.

You could shade tree engineer a plug and socket set in the existing wiring - plug it into the socket to run off the generator or plug into a extension cord to run it off the shore power pedestal. :question: :question:


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Yes there is away to do it ,, but u will have to find the wiring for the genset and put in a switch for it ,, it can be done ,, i did it on mine ,, only thing u have to change is the shore cord ,, to a 50 amp cord , takes alot of rewiring and in mine i had to pull wall and ceiling panels out ,, and the best way is wire into the switch u have for the a/c's ,, mine had the same ,, that is all hardwired now ,,switches gone :)
PM me if u want ,, i can tell u what is needed ,, and how it really works :approve: