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Help! We just bought a new 2005 Keystone cougar we have been in it one month today.Today I turned on the airconditioner ,we have had it on before no problem.It has the Dometic/DuoTherm with remote control.Problem tried to turn it off it would not go off with control or at the unit. husband turned it off in contrlol panel now it will not come back on any body have any suggestions.

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Air conditioner

Did you turn the thermostat down ?

I am only guessing here,,, but you say that when you turned off the main breaker, the AC went off... when you turned the breaker back on, the AC does not come on...
during the attempt to turn off the AC, did you by chance turn the thermostat up and down like a person would do in attempting to make it stop,, or start.. if its set on ...say,, 80... then slide the temperature control down to it's lowest setting, .. thats probably 50.

Another thing to check is the fuse,,, if that thermostat has one..

My thermostat has a small fuse inside it.. it looks like the old fashioned glass fuses that were used in cars years ago..

If these things don't work, I can only suggest calling the repair man..

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Air conditioner

Don't know but sounds like some has a set of fused switch contacts.
With the ac in the manual off position flip the breaker on, if it comes on OLA fused contacts :(


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Air conditioner

If it has the remote control sometimes they will be left to far away from the control and have to be reset to work well.

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