Airex Rv

Hello- HELP!Does anyone have any info. on the AIREX RV. I have chance to buy buy one at what seems to be a very good price (Divorce sale) and don't know a thing about Airex. Thanks For The Help, Cheese Steak
Airex Rv

Hi Cheesesteak

We just bought a used class A 1990 26' airex RV the last part of July this year and we love it. It is on a Ford E350 chassis with the 460 engine. It is made by Rexhall in California. It is fiberglass over a steel frame and is just what we wanted. You can go to and see them for sale. From the pictures there you can get a good idea what they are like. Depending on the price it could be a good deal for you. The more I use ours the more I like it. It's our first class A and although not small it gets around quite well.

Any specific questions??? I'd be glad to answer them if I can.