Airstream comments


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Greetings All,

My wife and I are shopping TTs and are very interested in the Airstream 28 Safari. Any comments or advise on the quality and towability of the Airstream? Can anyone advise me if they really do tow better and easier with the arodynamic design. Currently, I tow with a f150 super crew 5.4v8, towing package. Thanks in advance, for any comments.


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Airstream comments

Hi Dave, yes they do tow better & easier, I don't have first hand experience with the newer 90's & up but they are well built and hold there value better than any other TT, poeple that have them really really like them. About the only discouraging thing I've heard about them is because of the aero design cabinet space is smaller, if you do a search on google you'll come up with a number of airstream site all very interesting & they have very good information. I have a 1959 17' Pacer I'm restoring and its been an interesting prodject, I can telll you if looking at a 50's 60's etc you can find them with rotted floors and it is a job to fix, not impossible but a time consuming job. I donn't think you'd have any problems towing a 28' with your truck. Good luck. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve: