I've been looking for my first motor home but found myself looking at an airstream classic-31'. Anyone know how feasible one of these would be to full time in? Also, what size trk would be needed to properly pull one? I have found a couple of used ones but both are a couple of hundred miles away-thought I would run it by this list before getting too serious about it.


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Find out the GVWR of the trailer you are interested. Then find out the 'towing capacity' of a possible truck. Subtract out any accessories added to the truck, any cargo carried in the truck, any passangers in the truck, and any amount you weigh over 150 pounds. If the resulting towing capacity is greater than the GVWR of the trailer, you should be in good shape with that combination.
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I love the funky Airstream look, but there are serious hurdles to overcome for fulltiming. I wish they would spend some time trying to address some of the below points, so I could consider one to fulltime in. Some folks do it, but.......

They don't have very large holding tanks, they don't have any large outside storage areas, the curved roof line makes the interior slope inwards, preventing much interior cabinetry, and they are not as well insulated as some fifth wheels.

On a more subjective note, I've not been impressed with the construction quality lately, and they don't layout their interiors very well for fulltiming. All of the above is IMHO, your mileage may vary....... ;)
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I can guarranty that it will be a little tight for two people. Especially if it is a rear bath model. The biggest problem is lack of storage. The plus side is that nothing pulls like an Airstream. But if you get an airstream you must get a Suburban to fit in with the Airstream Crowd :laugh: . I loved my Airstream but it got old and I traded it for a Winni.
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I suppose if you pulled it with a 24' box van (U-haul type) you could store all your stuff, and have supplemental H2o tanks with a macerator pump to haul your black/grey water away. That would solve two of the issues. Insulation and floorplan are more difficult to tackle. I still have an irrational fascination for them, and would love to see them try and produce a fulltimer designed unit! :8ball: