Alaska in October feedback


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My wife and I are new to rving. We have a 2002 powerstroke-diesel/1992 mountainaire 5th wheel. We are headed to a Bible camp in Alaska to do missionary youth work. We'll be traveling from Michigan to Alaska in October2002.We'd appreciate any helpful hints re weather,preparing our rig,your exoereiences. Thanks alot


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Alaska in October feedback

Approximately 1/5th of the U.S. land mass is Alaska. Alaska is a very big state. You really didn't say "where" in Alaska you were heading. Be assured of one thing, it may be brutally cold anywhere in Alaska that you can travel to by hiway in October. At the very best, the majority of RV's are woefully unfit for Winter time living in Alaska. If you perchance are going down to the South Eastern part of Alaska, you can expect closer to Seattle weather as it is very close to Seattle. You however will not arrive there by road. Let us know where you are headed and we can maybe be of more help. Good Luck...

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