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For all of my RV'ing friends which purchased a Teton Trailer, below is some information for you to heed before you purchase new or used. If your TETON TRAILER, made in Casper, Wyoming has a radio problem...its because it was, is and always will be designed to have one!

These EXPENSIVE rigs are wired mono-> On purpose.

For those of you who are technically means that a stereo has 2 sets of wires to hook up a speaker. One for a right and one for a left speaker.

Thats RIGHT! In all of TETON's rigs.....their stereo's only have 1 wire sent to the speakers which are then split->One for the left and one for the right.

No my RV'in friends, this isnt electricity....stereos to have that "'heavenly effect' of harmony" you MUST have a channel for each side so your soothing music massages both sides of your brain differently.

Now, MONO is one channel. So its like having a stereo sound but only you are covering up the other ear!

Lets see, you guys which purchased these rigs from 80,000 to 130,000 bones...and your getting a sub-standard sound system? HMMMM! Did you realize that they designed this from day one and do NOT plan on changing this, even AFTER this was brought to their attention at the Company HQ!

This company builds 8 (eight) per week, DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY CARE ABOUT QUALITY????? HMM! You might want to look in the corners and learn what's behind some of those pannels!

Think about it, Ive seen it first hand.

You be the judge. As always, do your OWN DUE DILLIGENCE!

Namaste, Friends.


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All Teton Trailers

We have just placed our order for a Teton Experience model. Prior to choosing our Teton, we spent a lot of time researching many makes and models for our fulltime rig. Along the way, we came across your post. We became concerned, as having high quality good is important to us. In fact, we were planning on putting in our own sound system, as mono sound was a "no pass" for us.

We contacted Tom Hyde at Teton with our concern. He absolutely disputes this claim and asks that if you or any other Teton owners feel that their sound system is not producing stereo sound, to please contact him directly at 877. 295.5173.


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All Teton Trailers

I have been in the Teton factory on more than one occasion, and I think that you would be hard pressed to find a unit of higher quality. They were the first to build a trailer that would stay usable in the winter of Wyoming, and are probably the leader today. As a motorhome owner, I wish they would build one.

I sure don't know why, but it seems to me that yoeric has a bad case of sour grapes.


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All Teton Trailers

I have had my Teton (32' Flagstaff Prestige) since 1998 with close to 90,000 miles now on it. I am completely satisfied with it exception that the tires (Goodyear) with a load range "G" for a Heavy load seemed to blow out too often. The factory said that they have had few complaints concerning the tires, but my experience doesn't back this up. I routinely check the air pressure so I don't think that is a problem. My solution was to buy new wheels that are 17.5 inch rather than 16 inch which are standard. The 17.5 inch wheels were made with the 16 inch bolt pattern and I mounted 17.5 inch commercial low boy tires on them End of problem. As far as mono wired stereo system: maybe I got the exception but I have had the speakers out and mine have two wires to each, and you can tell that they are real stereo. The other end, connected to the stereo amp also has the two wires and were even connected so that there was no "out-of-phase" distortion (i.e. plus to the correct terminal on both speakers).
I am not a full timer but do go maybe 6 to 8 months each year. The Teton is designed for full timing and is a bit of trouble setting up for an over nighter.


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We are seriously thinking of ordering a Teton and would like to hear from any current owners. Are you "satisfied" owners? Have you had any service problems? Is having just a one year warranty caused you problems?




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Welcome to the forum, Tom.

Remember that you have revived a 4 year old thread, so none of the previous posts have any merit any more.

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Wow! According to your picture, I did not think you could see that good Clodhopper....

To address Tom's question, I have a good friend who took delivery of hit Teton last Aug. (2005). He had LOTS of problems. The dome on his satellite system was not wired correctly. His washers drain was not plumbed in and the first time he used it, the underbelly storage flooded. His countertops were scratched and Teton would not replace them. They told the dealer to buff them instead. His water filter leaked and he fould the case cracked and it was plumbed backwards. He had the full body paint job and they really messd up the front cap. They buffed it so hard they went through the paint and left it bare. There were LOTS more that I can't remember, but the one big thing was he ordered it in Feb. of 2005. It was not delivered until Aug. and his 2005 was delivered the same day a 2006 was also delivered.

He took it to the dealer, they kept it 6 weeks, and when he went to get it , not all had been fixed. Now the dealer has quit selling Tetons and they won't even talk to him.

One good thing Teton did was on the last day of warranty. He had a tire going low on air pressure since day one. He took it to a tire store and they discovered the leak was in the aluminum rim itself. Teton said they had seen it before and sent him 6 new wheels. He did have to pay to have them changed though.

Teton, as a company, was sold this spring. Hopefully the new owners will get some things straight.

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Wow!!!! I always thought they were too big and heavy unless you happened to have a mid-sized truck to tow it with. :laugh: