Allison 1000 shift point


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I have owned 5 motorhomes over the years and now own a 2003 Dolphin LX on Workhorse with Allison transmission. I love the coach, however, I would prefer to see the final overdrive shift-point lower than the 55 mph it takes to shift into high gear. I feel that the transmission should shift earlier when lightly loaded. As I accelerate, top gear will not shift until I achieve 55 mph. If I slow down after that point below 55 mph, (like 50 mph), it will stay in the top gear unless under heavy load.

I like 50-55 mph cruising, but the current setup forces me go beyond my target and reach 55 before it will shift. I then back down a little to slow the engine rpm and reduce the rpm noise.

I watched an advertisement for a tool from Hypertec that reprograms the OEM chips for power curves and can also change the transmission shift characteristics. It does not mention motorhome applications, but I do intend to call the manufacturer to discuss my situation.

I am looking forward any comments, experiences and above all your warnings