Allison 1000

Allison Man: I have an 04 Itasca Suncruiser 35U, with the GM 8.1 and the Allison 1000. Occasionally when leaving a dead stop, with moderate acceleration, the transmission locks up in second gear, will not upshift or downshift. If I pull over, cut the engine, restart, all is well. The Allison Technical Assistance Line tells me that once in a while the transmission "acts stupid", and to have it checked, which is no small task, being many miles from a service center. Otherwise it works perfectly. Would appreciate your comments, please. Thanks! RZ
Allison 1000

billyjoebob--Yes I did, from transrand on page 9 of the Allison Transmission Questions topic, and from Allison Man on page 10. I have not yet received any followup from Allison Man