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For the allison man. We have a 2004 Newmar on a Spartan which has a code 23-12. We have replaced the ecu the touch pad and the 5v reference wire from the ecy to the touch pad. That code indicates there is a problem in the ecu, the touch pad or the 5v reference wire #124. That is does not seem to be the case. The 124 wire also powers the oil level sensor and the trans temp sender out of the blue plug on the ecu. Is it possible to get the 23-12 if there is a problem with the 5v volt supply to those sensors? There are no other codes and 23-12 will not occur until the unit is warmed up. When the code becomes active you cannot shift to drive. Shifting to N will make the code inactive and the trans light will go off. Shifting to R also is OK. Try to go back to Forward and the trans light will come on and the code will be active and the display will be cat eyes. Also the unit will not move. Any help from any one would be appreciated. The unit has a 8.3 cummins and a 3060 trans. Dave E.


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Allison problem


I had a ecu go up in smoke on a trip recently and it displayed cat/snake eyes. Does the ecu smell like an electrical fire? I would take the ecu to an allison dealer and have them test it if you have one close by. Otherwise I would call Mike Bass at Weller Truck parts and ask for some direction. I recently bought a used ecu from them as a backup. Isn't your unit still under warranty?



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