allison transmision not shifting from stop

I have a 1994 American Eagle on a Sparton chassis. The 6 speed allison goes down the road nicly but when trying to go from reverse to forward or the other way, sometimes it will not shift. If I turn off the rig and restart it then it will shift. The RPM of the 300 HP Cummins is at 700 RPM. The unit has been sitting for the last 3 years with regular exercising of it except in the winter.
Does anyone have any ideas of what to look at.
Re: allison transmision not shifting from stop

You need to know if the transmission control system is getting its throttle signal from a throttle position sensor dedicated to the transmission, or via engine to transmission communication.

If it's got a TPS for the transmission, the linkage might be sticking making the transmission ECU think you're on the throttle. This is a pretty common malfunction on vehicles of this vintage.

It may have some other input sticking. For example, some vehicles have a brake pressure switch wired into the system so you have to be on the brakes, closing the switch, before the ECU will allow a direction change.

There' also a very slight possibility the transmission sump thermistor could be reading extremely cold, preventing range from engaging. I've also seen false output speed readings cause this kind of complaint. There's also a slight possibility the turbine speed sensor could be faulty, making the ECU think the engine is turning faster than it really is.

Just a few ideas to get you started. The best way to check it of course, is to plug in a Pro-Link or Allison DOC to see what the ECU is thinking. That usually leads to the root cause pretty quickly, assuming the operator of the tool knows what he/she is doing.
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Thanks for your responce, that sure gives me some places to look. I do think is is one of those simple switches because the unit has primarily sat for the last 3 years. the jake brake isn't working either and same same. I will start with the linkage and the brake sensor. I hope it is one of the simpler items. I just bought this rig and am pretty good tinkering with that kind of stuff. I will have to take it into the dealer for a couple of items and I will see if they can pull the codes but I'm not sure if they can to that here in the Northeast they good dealers are far and few between. I will try to find a shop that works on Allison if I can find it. I may wait til spring as it is turning real cold here, low 20's as I type. It may sit most of the winter again but I will at leat look on a warm day and spray some lubricantes on the linkages. I'm acually picking the unit up this week-end from a private sale and wanted to start working on it right away. I had a Hawkins pusher prior to this but sitting doesn't help any of them as you must know. I will let you know how I make out.
Thanks for your help, it is awesome to get advice from people in the know. :)
Re: allison transmision not shifting from stop

From just what you say, I'd bet your idle is a tad too high. Mine was at 400 when I got my coach (stalled every time I let off the pedal at a stop). Factory spec is 700, but that seemed a bit high to me. I settled on around 550 and that seems to work well.

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He indicated engine idle is 700. If it has neutral to range inhibit based on engine speed, the inhibit comes in at 900. That's why I didn't mention it.
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Hmmm. Interesting ... inhibit at 900 huh? I wondered just WHAT the limit was (but didn't want to take (waste) the time to figure it out :). When I was adjusting mine, 400 "sounded" good to me, but it obviously wasn't (since it died everytime I took my foot off the pedal). While adjusting it up, I played off what it "sounded" like against how much I guessed it would pull at idle at stop lights. My gut feeling was that about 550 would work (I hope it does - seems fine in the driveway).

900 sounds high, but if the Allison allows it, it must not be :).

I keep learning stuff from all these forums I'm perusing :).