Allisonman new ?


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I appreciate all your information that you have contributed to the fourm. My ? is how do you tell your pan depth prior to filter removal so you have the correct Gold filters on hand for a filter change? My coach is a 03' Holliday Rambler Ambassador, with a 315 hp 8.3 Cummins and a 6 speed Allison.

Allisonman new ?

Hi Gary,
It's going to be really obvious if you have a 2 inch or 4 inch pan, just look at it and you can tell which it is. If you have the 2 inch pan you need part# 29540493. If you have the 4 inch you need part# 29540494. If you have any questions about this you can contact me via e-mail at or call me toll free at 888-436-2737.
Allisonman new ?

Hi E-WA,
The shallow module is only about 1 1/2" thick while the deep module is around 4" thick. All the instructions are in the Gold filter kits and make sure you follow torque specifications. If you need advise as how to flush your cooler, after you change the filters and add oil, remove the cooler return line (says from cooler or has an arrow pointing towards transmission) and put it in a 5 gallon bucket. Have someone in the coach that can hear well or even better two people, one in the coach and someone to relay louder. With the brakes set and foot brake on, have the person behind the wheel start the coach then shut off right away just to make sure the shutdown is working. Then have them start up again. Watch the oil coming out of the hose. It will change from a dirty color to a clean red color then remove an additional 1/2 gallon. This will fluch out your cooler and even most of the torque converter.
Thanks for the question and if you have any questions, please call Pacific DDA and ask for the Allison department at 360 887-7556.Have a great day! :)
Allisonman new ?

I just changed my main filter on a 3000, and did the hills in Arkansas. It seems to be down shifting hard. The push button also is showing it is 2 quarts down, but the dip stick, shows it is ok. Any Ideas? :question: :question: I did replace the quart I lost during the filter change.
Allisonman new ?

Hi there Eagle1,
Do you have any codes? You check them by pressing 2 arrows at the same time just like the oil check but instead of pressing arrows once, press them twice at the same time. You will get a D1 and I hope followed with -- this means no codes. I have a feeling you may have a D1 21 12 which means something is wrong with your throttle position sensor which is connected to your engine throttle lever. These fall off quite often (OEM installed)and may need to be connected. Being in the hills of Arkansan you were probably on the throttle quite a bit and this may have caused TPS to come disconnected or the pin to break. See if there is a cable with a rubber boot laying by your engine throttle lever. Again this is only if you have a code D1 21 12.
I would add 1 quart and re-check the display. If it did not change toOL LO 1 I would be pointing to a bad oil level sensor. If it does change to OL LO 1, then your sensor is working but your dipstick may not be calibrated correctly by the OEM.
I hope this resolves your shifting problem. Thank you for the question and have agreat day! :)
Allisonman new ?


I'm wondering if you might hava a suggestion for an RVer who posted this question on another board?

We are having a problem with our See Ya. The check engine light keeps coming on and twice we have lost power and have only been able to go 45 MPH. We spent all day today(7/22) at Las Vegas Freightliner. They said they could not find anything wrong and that it must be a problem with the computer on the trany going beyond its limits. On the way back to the campground as we were slowing down to exit I-15 to get on I-515 the check engine light came on and the coach slowed to 45 MPH. We proceeded south on I-515 to Boulder Highway at 45 MPH in rush hour traffic. On exiting we came
to a stop at the traffic light. I placed the trany in neutral and the check engine light went off and we had full power. I called Las Vegas Freightliner, and they said it must be the transmission. I called Allison and was informed that there was no way the transmission would make the check engine light come on. We have another appointment at LV Freightliner to try and resolve this problem. Is there anyone at the factory that might help with the diagnosses to this problem?
Allisonman new ?

Well did the code thing, and came up with a D1 2423 even when cold. I also added a quart of fluid, and the lo went away. I tried to clear the 2423 with the mode button, but it came back. Any ideas? Thanks for al your help
Eagle1 :disapprove:
Allisonman new ?

Hi there travelin man,
I need a little more information. Which Allison is it? Does it have pushbutton shifter or lever? Does the light say check trans and nor check engine?
They should probably take it to be checked with Allison diagnostic reader just to make sure. It does sound to me that it was a check transmission light that may have been coming on.
Is this a Workhorse chassis? How are the batteries and cables? clean? I will look up the nearest Allison distributer in LV on Monday when I go back to work and I would recomend to have it checked out.
Thanks for the question travelin man thats very cool that you are trying to help out a fellow RV'er. Have a great day! :)
Allisonman new ?

Hello Eagle 1,
I need to check code on Monday. That one doesnt ring a bell but I bet is the problem with your downshifts. Check Monday night or Tuesday and I will hopefully have a fix for your problem. Have a great day! :)