"Another" 2001 Georgie Boy Question (Coach Battery)


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I can't begin to tell you all how much help this site is.. Everbody has been so helpful and I greatly appreciate it. I bought this 2001 33' Georgie Boy Landau and the generator had been removed and sold. Last guy needed the money I guess.. For some reason I can't get 12V from the Coach batt. to the coach. I can only get 12V to the coach when a.) the ignition switch is turned on or b.) I am plugged into shore power.. Does anyone know if there is a fuse/breaker between the coach battery and the coach? I have to believe there is but I can't find it to save my life! I removed the converter the other day (Magnatek), opened it up, and found no fuses or breakers in it.. It seems to be working fine and I can even operate my slide when the converter is running. Any input in this area will be most appreciated! Jim ;)


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Re: "Another" 2001 Georgie Boy Question (Coach Battery)

There should be a toggle switch for turning on the Aux batt. Mine is located above the side door of the coach.


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Re: "Another" 2001 Georgie Boy Question (Coach Battery)

Gosh...I don't have one... :(
Guess it's time to trade 'er in :laugh: