Another brake needed inside SUV for towing TT??

[Pete P.] We just bought a Tahoe with towing package and want to have it set up to tow a 21&#039 Hi-Low Tow Lite TT. Someone said we need to have further wiring done for a brake to be installed on the steering wheel of the SUV. Can anyone give us further information on this. I have never seen any printed information on this in all that I have read. I felt that with the tow package all I needed to do was connect the TT to the SUV wiring. Thanks for your help.
Another brake needed inside SUV for towing TT??

[Terry] Yes, you will want to add a brake controller. I had mine (I have a 2000 Tahoe) installed on the lower dash to the right of the steering column. Without a brake controller, I believe the way it works is that your trailer brakes are either on or off (no in between). I installed a Hydrostatic? brake controller that is connected to my brake lines. It provides the best "feel" for the amount of brake to apply to the trailer. There is also an adjustment on the controller that allows you to set the overall "feel" (depending how hard you step on the brake). Other controllers have a sensor that monitor the forward momentum(inertia) to figure out how much brake to apply.

The basic towing package allows you to hook up to a relatively light trailer, but if the trailer has brakes, you probably want a brake controller.

That is what little I know.

I hope this helps.

Another brake needed inside SUV for towing TT??

[Lee] Your trailer should be equipped with electric brakes. You will need to add an electric brake controller. If you got the towing package the wiring will all ready be installed on your vehicle. Your Dealer should be able to wire the controller with little problem. I have used a Tekonsha conroller for years with no problems. Just make sure you read and understand the instructions with your controller.
Another brake needed inside SUV for towing TT??

[Les Adams] Terry,

I&#039m curious about your brake controller... Hydrostatic???

Are you talking about the older type that was "spliced" into the brake hydraulic line at the master cyclinder???

If that is the case and your Tahoe has antilock brakes, you may be setting yourself up for a real surprise in the event of an emergency stop...

That older type brake controllers, hydraulic over electric that were actuated by hydraulic fluid pressure went the way of the dinosaurs when antilock brakes came into being...

Assuming you have this type, if your antilocks ever engage on the truck, you will end up pulsing your trailer brakes just like the antilocks on the truck... This could spell disaster in any number of ways...

For what it&#039s worth!!!

Best Regards,
Another brake needed inside SUV for towing TT??

[Terry] That should have read "Hydraulic" brake controller. There is a brake line that is connected to this electronic brake controller. It uses the pressure to sense how much brake(electric) to apply to the trailer brakes. I am not sure of the details but I don&#039t believe that there is an issue with ABS in my setup (even though I understand what you are saying). I am far from a mechanic and I rely on the advice of Andy at Can Am RV ( He is a very knowledgable professional that I would trust with literally my life.
Another brake needed inside SUV for towing TT??

[GBehrens] Hi Terry, Les is right the old hydraulic actuated brake controllers are not good with ABS, it fools the ABS computer/controller into thinking you are skidding when on dry road and will apply ABS. I know this for a fact have had several poeple think their brake rotors were warped/ brakes going bad etc. the problems were solved by intalling the electronic controller. Happy Trails GB