Another "traveling w/kids" post ????


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I saw a similar post about this but did not want to hyjack it so i decided best to start a new one ;)

My husband and myself want to start Rv'ing full time for at least 1 yr maybe 2 yrs with our 2 children age 8 yrs and 3 yrs.

Besides seeing the country side I will be working at different mills (shut downs)
My husband can no longer work so this is a way for us to save some money so that we can buy/build a home in a couple of years and settle.....

I am a bit hestiant on this idea but relise that if we do not do this we will be stuck renting crappy trailers /appt . for ever :(

My question is has anyone done this with "young" children and what was your exsperiance?
Is there any tips or things i should know that you can share with me?

Thanks in advance :)

BTW we home-school

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Re: Another "traveling w/kids" post ????

Hello Joan and welcome. :cool:

I have never tried this but would like to also. I home school and would love to show the kids our history. I believe it would make their schooling more interesting. But, if you need some advice on schooling the kids I could recommend some studies for them. Are you planning on doing this or enrolling them in the local schools? Anyway, I am sure this would be something the children will never forget. :approve: :)


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Re: Another "traveling w/kids" post ????

Hello :)
Thank you,but were good on "schooling" we use a online program called so everything i need is in my lap top ;)
I do hope some one who is Rv'ing w/kids thou can give me some advice....I think traveling would be great for the kids educational wise..but we are manily doing this thou to be honest because of finaces...We need to save money so we can have a home of our own one day ...but Thanks anyways :)